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Magic Night In

with Daniel Martin
Sep 19 • 10pm

Celebrity Magician Daniel Martin is going to pull back the curtain  and teach you some of his most incredible pieces of magic, magic that you’ve seen done on TV, plus he will perform some special never-before-seen magic just for you in the process. 

Magic Night In. Make sure you log in to your YouTube account 10 minutes before the show to be part of it. Supply list: metal spoon or fork, 2 large coins, 2 paper napkins, deck of playing cards, M&Ms and pretzels and a salt or pepper shaker 
Join online at  WVUMagic.Online . Link will be active at 9:45pm Sept. 19.

Be sure to grab your supplies before joining:
  1. metal spoon or fork
  2. 2 large coins
  3. 2 paper napkins
  4. deck of playing cards
  5. M&Ms and pretzels
  6. a salt or pepper shaker