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Student Interns

Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey / Guest Services & Ticketing

Chris joined the A&E team in June 2016. He is from Chester, W.Va. and is graduating in May 2018 with a management information systems degree. With Morgantown being only a little under two hours away from Chester, WVU is Chris’ “home away from home,” which is why he chose to attend WVU. Chris was actually born in San Antonio, Texas and has a twin brother. He and his brother were the biggest twins ever born in San Antonio!   

Teri Broadwater

Teri Broadwater / Event Operations

Teri began working at WVU Arts & Entertainment in 2015. From Moorefield, W.Va., Teri chose WVU because it was close to her hometown, but still far enough away from home to allow her to experience new things. Teri is a first-generation college student, the first in her family to attend a university right after graduating high school. 

Sam Coulter

Sam Coulter / Event Operations

From Bridgeport, W.Va., Samuel Coulter is a Management Information Systems Major in the WVU College of Business and Economics. Sam began working for WVU Arts & Entertainment in 2016 and is currently a hospitality intern where he says he couldn’t be happier. Outside of WVU, Sam has traveled to Barcelona, Spain with his travel soccer travel where the team finished second in the tournament in which they participated. This is an experience he will never forget. 

Maddie Ernst

Maddie Ernst / Ticketing & Marketing

Maddie is a junior strategic communications major from Cincinnati, Ohio. At the end of Maddie’s freshman year in 2016 she decided to apply to A&E because of her love of music and entertainment. With WVU being five hours away from Cincinnati, it pushed Maddie to choose WVU and go outside of her comfort zone and meet new people. Before her freshman year, Maddie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer but overcame it the summer prior to attending WVU!

Caitlin Gutta

Caitlin Gutta / Guest Services & Marketing

Caitlin, a marketing major and junior, became apart of the A&E family in August of 2016. Caitlin chose WVU because it is so close to her family in Elkins, W.Va. The WVU A&E Internship interested Caitlin in because of the opportunity to see firsthand everything it takes to plan an event. Caitlin has many accomplishments at WVU including being named to the President’s List, and the Dean’s List and the recipient of the Shenandoah and Promise scholarships.

Katie Hinkle

Katie Hinkle / Guest Services

Katie, an Elkins, W.Va. native, is in her senior year at WVU and is studying both philosophy and journalism with a minor in English. WVU was Katie’s choice of school because she loves the state of West Virginia, she didn’t want to stray away from her family and she liked the amount of opportunities WVU has to offer. She decided to work for A&E in the beginning of her junior year because she wanted to learn more about the entertainment industry and likes to challenge herself with new opportunities. Katie's accomplishments at WVU include being named to the Dean’s List and the President’s List. She is also a recipient of the Shenandoah Scholarship, the Promise Scholarship, the Staggers and Urice Scholarship, and the Snowshoe Higher Education Scholarship. 

Alek Kesselring

Alek Kesselring / Booking & Event Operations

Alek is a sophomore from Moundsville, W.Va. who is studying accounting. During Alek’s freshman year in 2016, he decided to join the A&E team as a stagehand and security guard. He became a member of the Event Operations team in 2017 and began working in booking this semester. Outside of WVU and A&E, Alek can be found running his side business buying and selling high end clothes and shoes. 

Jack Klaas

John Klaas / Ticketing

John is a sophomore finance major from Cheshire, Conn. He started working at A&E in the Fall of 2017. John specifically chose WVU because of the outstanding academic opportunities and school spirit that cannot be found anywhere else. The A&E internship interested John because of the opportunity to gain sales experience. Every time John meets someone new he always tries to learn something new and strives to find the good in people.  A few of John’s greatest accomplishments are being named to the President’s List and earning his high GPA. 

Alexa Leach

Alexa Leach / Ticketing

Harpers Ferry, W. Va. native Alexa Leach became part of the A&E family in February 2017. She is studying business management with an area of emphasis in human resources.  Alexa loves staying in her home state as it made the transition from high school to college a lot smoother. One of Alexa’s biggest accomplishments here at WVU is serving as the ring leader of the WVU Marching Band, also know as the Pride of West Virginia. Interestingly, Alexa was born in Barbados in the Caribbean.

Macey Lewis  

Macey Lewis / Ticketing

Macey is a sophomore graphic design major from Morgantown, W. Va. Macey chose to attend WVU because its graphic design program really interested her and she would remain close to home. Macey joined the A&E team in the Fall of 2017. Macey is also a 2nd degree black belt in martial art of Teakwondo and she is also a member of the WVU color guard. 

Logan McMasters  

Logan McMasters / Marketing

Logan is a senior economics major from Martinsburg, W.Va.

Rachael Petrie

Rachael Petrie / Ticketing

Rachael started working at A&E in 2015. Currently a senior, Rachael is a psychology major from Huntington, W.Va. Not far from home, Rachael chose WVU because, “WVU has too many great opportunities to pass up.” Applying on a whim to work for A&E, Rachael is glad she did because of the many friends she had made along the way. 

Ethan Stiles

Ethan Stiles / Event Operations

Ethan is a sophomore from Morgantown, W.Va. majoring in pre-media.

Nicole Vitiello

Nicole Vitiello / Guest Services

Nicole joined the WVU Art & Entertainment team in 2015. A Sykesville, Maryland native, she chose WVU to have experiences outside of her home state. It was a decision she is glad she made. Nicole is very busy here at WVU as a Secondary Education in English major with two minors. Nicole is also part of the Pride of West Virginia Marching Band and has appeared in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with the group. When she first toured WVU, Nicole heard great things about A&E and found them all the be true.