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October 16 | ONLINE

Prankster Roommate with photo of female with pink hair and glasses.

The Prankster Roommate Escape Room



Your jokester roommate strikes again. You have not been able to figure them out. Sure, they were a little older. You figured you’d cut them some slack. But the roommate is too mischievous. You have been worried what is going to happen next. You tried to stay awake all night keeping one eye on your roommate. You couldn’t keep going. Somewhere around 4am, even after two Monsters, you fell asleep. The whole time your roommate was humming softly. It was a song you thought you should have known.

The next morning you woke up and found a note from your roommate: “I’m heading home for few days and I have struck again! I left a game of puzzles on your laptop.” On the back, it said: “P.S. Everything on your laptop is now encrypted. Finish the game if you want it all back. See you in a few days”

What?? It’s a hour before class and an important paper is due. You grab as many friends as you can to break back into your own laptop.

Join individually or with your roommates or group. If you join alone, we will place you on a team (Team size is limited to 10).

Join online.

100 dollar giveaway

Enter to Win $100

10pm - 2am


REGISTER TO WIN starting at 10pm Oct. 16

4 winners each night! Winners will be randomly drawn from entries received at all 3 locations.
Jackbox Party with a stack of board games in the background

Jackbox Party Online



Join us on  purple Twitch logo . Choose from 30 party games.

How to Connect to WVUp All Night: 
  1. On your laptop or desktop computer go to Twitch OR on your Xbox, PS3, PS4 or Smart TVs, go to the Twitch app and search for our channel – wvupallnightonline.
  2. Once you are viewing the broadcast,  join the game with your phone by going to ”” in your phone browser. 
  3. Once you are at in your phone browser, enter the Room Code displayed at the twitch link, then use your phone as a game controller.