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October 24 | ONLINE

Zombie Desert with a bloody Zombie in the background

Zombie Desert Escape Room



Life hasn’t been fun since the zombies took over, but you’ve had it better than most. You live in a secure community with reasonable people. The zombies are on the outside. You and your teammates are scavengers heading out into the wider, zombie-infested world to collect things your people need like food, medicine and fuel. As time has gone on, you’ve had to search wider and wider.

Last night, you were in an accident. You totaled your vehicle. You’re wounded and miles from home. It’s getting dark and there are zombies all around. It’s a desert region and there are few places to hide. You need to find a safe place fast. A short way ahead, you spot an abandoned house. The dead ones are at your heels. Get through that fence. Get inside the house. Clean your wounds and stay hidden until help arrives. Most importantly, you and your team must stay alive.

Join individually or with your roommates or group. If you join alone, we will place you on a team (Team size is limited to 10).

Join online.

100 dollar giveaway

Enter to Win $100

10pm - 2am


REGISTER TO WIN starting at 10pm Oct. 24

4 winners each night! Winners will be randomly drawn from entries received at all 3 locations.
Jackbox Party with a stack of board games in the background

Jackbox Party Online



Join us on  purple Twitch logo . Choose from 30 party games.

How to Connect to WVUp All Night: 
  1. On your laptop or desktop computer go to Twitch OR on your Xbox, PS3, PS4 or Smart TVs, go to the Twitch app and search for our channel – wvupallnightonline.
  2. Once you are viewing the broadcast,  join the game with your phone by going to ”” in your phone browser. 
  3. Once you are at in your phone browser, enter the Room Code displayed at the twitch link, then use your phone as a game controller.