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October 30 | ONLINE

A Night to Dismember Virtual Murder Mystery with a haunted mansion in the background

A Night to Dismember Virtual Murder Mystery



It is All Hallow’s Eve at the Bulgarian Castle, high on the hill, deep in the shadows of massive oaks and tangled briars. A raging storm continues to brew, relentless in its fury. The master of the castle has not been seen and is feared dead. In the mourning room can be heard shouts of an uproar near the castle gates. The town folks are trying to break through, but the bars hold them back. For now.

A missing heart, a broken urn, a 3,000-year-old strip of linen, footprints in the graveyard and an open book of evil spells—all paint a ghastly picture. Who is behind all of this? The witch of a mountainside village, the mummy Pharaoh of the Upper and Lower Nile, the bloodthirsty cannibal, the evil dentist, the insane psychic or is it a yet-unknown evil creature.

For now, the doors are locked and will remain so. For until the murderer is found, no one will be leaving the tormented halls of The Castle.

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4 winners each night! Winners will be randomly drawn from entries received at all 3 locations.
Jackbox Party with a stack of board games in the background

Jackbox Party Online



Join us on  purple Twitch logo . Choose from 30 party games.

How to Connect to WVUp All Night: 
  1. On your laptop or desktop computer go to Twitch OR on your Xbox, PS3, PS4 or Smart TVs, go to the Twitch app and search for our channel – wvupallnightonline.
  2. Once you are viewing the broadcast,  join the game with your phone by going to ”” in your phone browser. 
  3. Once you are at in your phone browser, enter the Room Code displayed at the twitch link, then use your phone as a game controller.