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Coliseum Venue Information


The main floor of the Coliseum is served by a curved tunnel leading from the main parking lot to the stage floor level. The tunnel is 430’ long and 12’ wide. Because of the curved angle and the width of the tunnel, trucks longer than 30’ CANNOT be brought to the stage floor level. An internal passenger elevator that is 6’10”w X 7’6”h X 4’8”d serves the tunnel level to the concourse and upper seating levels of the building.

Because of the dimensions and configuration of the service tunnel, use of a loading dock is usually necessary in the main parking area for transfer of touring equipment to shuttle trucks. The local crew loads off of the trailers and onto shuttle trucks which will then bring the equipment through the tunnel to be unloaded in the tunnel area. Occasionally, forklifts are used to transport tour equipment to the stage floor level. Any combination of these transport methods have been used with great success. The height clearance of the tunnel is 11’ 6”h.


The general stage dimensions are 48’ w X 40’ d, which is approximately one third of the floor area. The stage wings are 12’ w X 24’ d for stage right and stage left. The stage is located approximately 6’ from the rear wall of the house. The mix location is typically front of house center, approximately 90’ from the down stage edge. These dimensions may vary slightly from event to event.


The stage is StageRight brand staging with steel leg structures and bridging platforms. The stage is centered to the catwalk and not to the floor, because the catwalk is slightly off center from the floor. This aspect of the stage is unnoticeable to the audience.


Triple level: Upper Concourse
Lower Concourse
Floor Level

Upper Concourse: 8,163
Lower Concourse: 4.304
Floor LevelL 800
Cushion: 760
Press Rows: 72


Lighting – (2) 600 amp, 3 phase, 5 wire service. Service is 120/208 volts.
Sound – (1) 200 amp, 3 phase, 5 wire service. Service is 120/208 volts.
Rigging – Service is taken from 600 amp lighting service.

There is no shore power available.

Spotlights are Strong 2K Xenon Super Troopers. There are four main positions for spotlights. They are placed on temporary platforms on the upper concourse level in sections 238, 240, 204 and 202.


The type of catwalk rigging in the facility is a cable suspension system. Rigging points can be achieved from most locations on the catwalk. The catwalk is suspended from the ceiling of the facility which is constructed of cement.

The numbers listed on the catwalk diagram are the maximum load points (in pounds) for each particular point. The 1000 would indicate a maximum load of 1000 pounds could be suspended from that particular point.

The load capacity of the catwalk decreases toward the center of the ring. This is due to the center points not being suspended directly from the ceiling. These points are bridled by 10” rings and may not be used. Instead, to achieve points at the downstage edge, rigging is accomplished from the compression ring. Due to the lack of sufficient points, bridling will be used to achieve points that may otherwise not be reached by direct hanging.

Attachment to the catwalk includes the use of a 5’ basket or choker over the gusset with burlap between the gusset and the cable.

The height of the catwalk is 90’ 9” from the floor level. The height of the compression ring is 138’ 8” from the floor level. The diameter of the compression ring is 27’ inside and 30’ outside.

Our building engineer is available to the show rigger to answer any specific questions. The engineer will be on-site the day of show for load-in and will remain throughout the day. The head rigger must submit rigging plans to the house engineer prior to the load-in to be reviewed for safety and capacity.


Please be aware that the Coliseum serves primarily as an educational facility. Therefore, dressing rooms, or the number the company requires, may not be available. The presenter will make every attempt to accommodate the needs of the road company. There are two dressing rooms and a production office on the main floor, or stage level, of the Coliseum. The rooms are generally used for University athletic and physical education purposes and are equipped as such. Furniture and other accessories will be added upon request. These rooms are also equipped with separate bath and shower facilities.