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Maroon 5

Celebrating 50 Years of Concerts at the WVU Coliseum
March 31, 2005

Maroon 5
2005 Honda Civic Tour
with Special Guests The Donnas

Wide photo of Maroon 5 on stage with stage lights casting a purple glow

Wide shot of Maroon 5 on stage with spotlights casting grey and red halos.
Adam Levine and his mic stand in profile
SHOW DATE: Thursday, March 31, 2005 • 7:30pm
In March 2005, newly-minted Grammy Award-winners (Best New Artist) Maroon 5 and the Honda Civic Tour made a stop at the WVU Coliseum to entertain 5,500 fans. 

The Donnas, dubbed the female Ramones, opened the concert with music from their album "Gold Medal."

Maroon 5 delivered a high-energy show that featured songs from their debut album "Songs for Jane." The band also tested new songs "Wasted Years" and "I Can't Stop Thinking About You."

"The Daily Athenaeum" reported that Adam Levine noted the crowd's enthusiasm by telling the audience, "I usually judge a show on how quick my jacket comes off," he said. "My jacket came off mighty quick tonight."

When the band returned to the Coliseum stage for their encore, guitarist James Valentine was wearing a customized WVU football jersey, a gift from WVU Arts & Entertainment. The encore that included a cover of Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World" and their mega-hit "She Will Be Loved." 

Wide shot of the crowd on the Coliseum floor as Adam Levine's image is projected on the video screen.

Fans at the Coliseum got a chance to check out the 2005 customized Honda Civic Hybrid and Honda Civic Coupe that were on display outside the Blue and Gold gates. These Maroon 5-branded cars featured Maroon 5 signatures, band logos on the hood and rear of the cars, interior suede inserts, custom paint jobs, state-of the-art Alpine systems, Konig Freefall wheels, Sprint Performance Suspensions, sport lowering coils and an iPOD. 
Maya Ford of The Donnas plays guitar at the Coliseum    Torry Castellano of The Donnas plays drums at the Coliseum.    Brett Anderson, member of The Donnas, singing at the Coliseum in 2005   Allison Robertson of The Donnas plays guitar on stage at the Coliseum
Members of The Donnas performing in 2005.