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The Statler Brothers

Celebrating 50 Years of Concerts at the WVU Coliseum
January 29, 1984

The Statler Brothers
with Special Guest Reba McEntire

Illustration used to promote the 1984 concert depicting the American flag , each member of the Statler Brothers and Reba McEntire.
SHOW DATE: Sunday, January 29, 1984 • 3pm
The legendary Statler Brothers made their first appearance (their second would come in 1987) at the WVU Coliseum in January 1984–on a Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. Nearly 5,000 fans came out that afternoon to enjoy what "The Daily Athenaeum" described as "mainstream country music with vocal harmonies." The crowd which included many families also enjoyed the wholesome humor that has always been a Statler Brothers trademark. 

The DA review summed up his thoughts on the concert this way. "I enjoyed the show more than some rock concerts I've been to. The Grateful Dead put me to sleep; the Statlers didn't. Judas Priest gave me a headache; the Statlers cured one."

The band performed its hits "Bed of Roses," "Whatever happened to Randolph Scott," and "I'll Go to my Grave Loving You." They also played two encores before exiting the Coliseum stage. 
Photo of the Statler Brothers circa 1984. From left to right: Don Reid, Jimmy Fortune, Harold Reid, Phil Balsley