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Celebrating 50 Years of Concerts at the WVU Coliseum
August 29, 1989

Long Cold Winter Tour 1989
with Special Guests White Lion and introducing Tangier

Members of the band Cinderella
Members of White Lion  
White Lion
Members of Tangier
SHOW DATE: Tuesday, August 29, 1989 • 7:30pm
"Morgantown proves it's a good market for metal." 

This was the headline on "The Dominion Post's" review of the Cinderella concert at the WVU Coliseum. "While the music was deafeningly loud and the singers screamed out their lyrics," wrote Pamela Cyphert Queen, "teenagers and colleged-aged fans shouted, stomped, clapped and made as much noise as they possibly could. At times the fans were almost able to drown out the band."  

This concert was a bit of an experiment, a testing of the field, since Morgantown was primarily a market for country music in 1989. The success of this concert opened the doors for more rock and other musical genres to experience the Morgantown and WVU fanbase. The show was so well-received by fans that a somewhat lackluster review that appeared in the "Daily Athenaeum," sparked quite the controversy, with one letter to the editor calling Cinderella "long on talent" and the review that followed "short on respect."

Cinderella was touring in 1989 to support of their album "Long Cold Winter." Their single "Coming Home" had been on the charts for 17 weeks. Tickets were $15.50 and were available to purchase at DeVincent's and the Record Bar — both iconic Morgantown businesses that are no longer open. 
Morgantown proves it's a good market for metal. Review that appeared in the Dominion Post August 30, 1989
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Setting the Stage for a Night at the Ball with Cinderella. Article written by Evelyn Ryan that appeared in the Dominion Post.

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